My mission is to inspire, motivate and educate others to create real wealth & joy in their lives by sharing our stories of entrepreneurship. I have been on a journey to create financial freedom and a lasting legacy in my life and have used real estate investing as a tool to get there. We have done everything from fixer uppers, custom home building and land development, to residential and commercial rental properties. Check out my story below to see my journey from small town farm girl to multi-million dollar entrepreneur.

I'm Becky, and I like to build things. Homes, businesses, you name it!

about me

This is my journey to personal & financial freedom.

how we got here


My husband, Noah, and I got engaged in May. In October, we started our first LLC together to buy foreclosures, fix them up and sell them.  As of November, we had bought our first foreclosure property for $42,000.


In January, we bought five rental properties and another couple of foreclosures to fix and flip.  As of September 17, we were officially Mr. & Mrs. Hurley!


Hurley Homes LLC, our home building company, was born. We built two custom homes in our first year. This was also the year that an 18-month subdivision plan went down the drain and we lost $150,000.


I quit my full time, salaried job and took the leap to become a full time entrepreneur.  I got my real estate and brokers licenses (mostly to sell our own fix and flip homes).


Our daughter, Tesla, was born. And, we built 12 custom homes this year!


Introducing Hurley, party of 4! This year, our son, Jace, made his entrance into the world. With a baby on my hip, I attended the RISE Business Conference hosted by Rachel Hollis with Marie Forleo, Amy Porterfield, Ed Mylett, Trent Shelton, and so many other inspirational business moguls!


In the midst of a pandemic,  we hit our first $1,000,000 year in business. We officially reached the mark of 'financial freedom' where our monthly passive income covered our cost of living. With this financial success, we simultaneously hit a point of massive burnout.


We shifted gears and put a pause on new custom home building projects. I started business coaching, writing my first manuscript, and began lots of inner healing work.


The Building Dreams Co. brand was launched and we hosted our first ever business conference. And, I finished writing my first book (coming soon!)

me and Rach!


We built a total of 17 custom homes this year, and continued building 17-20 homes annually for the next few years.

If you are looking to create real wealth and joy in your life, you’re in the right place. In the last 10 years of starting a business from scratch, my husband and I now hold several million dollars in real estate assets that produce passive income.

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