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Building Dreams: Finding Personal and Financial Freedom Through Healing

Building Dreams is the book that pulls back the curtain on why you haven’t reached the levels of success you dream of. This book is a guide through and beyond the obstacles that have kept you from building your most abundant life.

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"Many people want success, but they find themselves at the intersection of confusion and burnout."

In 2020, we hit our first million dollar year in business. Sounds blissful, right? Well, I wish that was the story. Instead, this was the year when I hit the point of burnout in our business.  I was emotionally and physically defeated, and I knew I could no longer continue living this way. Hitting this point of burnout thrust me into a journey of self discovery and personal healing.

Along this journey, I was confronted with traumas from my past, and I went through some serious soul-searching to overcome these obstacles. While this process was uncomfortable, I believe it was completely necessary to enjoying a life of self acceptance. In this book, I'm sharing my journey in hopes that my story will inspire you to find personal and financial freedom through healing.

  • Create awareness about the subconscious blocks between you and your success
  • Move you through grief, shame, fear, and limitations
  • Help you shed disempowering beliefs and programming
  • Reveal how your past creates your present
  • Help you recognize and break the patterns of generational trauma
  • Stop and prevent burnout
  • Shine a light down the path of success and financial freedom
  • Teach you the magic of money management
  • Open your eyes to a whole new world of possibilities

Inside this book, you'll discover how to:

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