The Year and a Half Pause There was a year and a half pause between when I thought my book was done and when I was actually done. My book has definitely been a God mission of the messages that I am meant to bring forward and share with you. I actually had to live […]

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Embracing Forgiveness and Building your Legacy

In the latest episode of “Building Dreams,” I delve deep into the essence and initiation of my healing journey—a concept that is profoundly personal and often misunderstood. The term “healing journey” can encompass a wide array of experiences, but for me, it has meant confronting and healing from decades of unrecognized trauma embedded deep within […]

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My Personal Journey Through Healing and Breaking Generational Cycles

Introduction I’m back to share more about my upcoming book, “Building Dreams: Finding Personal and Financial Freedom Through Healing.” In my last video and newsletter, I talked about why I wrote the book, and today I want to dive deeper into why I’ve chosen to share some of the hard stories, the personal hardships, and […]

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Sharing the Hard Stories: A Journey of Healing

Introduction Today I am thrilled to share with you the story behind my upcoming book, “Building Dreams: Finding Personal and Financial Freedom Through Healing,” set to launch in 2024. As I sit here with my laptop, a notebook, and a pen, surrounded by the tranquillity of a snowy forest, I am doing the final read-through […]

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Why I Wrote My Book: Building Dreams, Finding Freedom, and Sharing Resilience

Welcome, dream builders! Today, I am sharing a deeply personal and raw experience with you as I stand in my office on the day I’m moving out. This space, once a home design studio where dreams were built and sold, is now transitioning into a new chapter. In this blog post, I’ll delve into the […]

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Embracing Change: A Personal Journey of Moving On

Welcome to the all-new Building Dreams Network, your go-to place where inspiration meets action to construct the life of your dreams. I’m Becky Hurley, and today I’m sharing a behind-the-scenes video as I move out of my office, a space filled with dreams, challenges, and the echoes of my journey. Join me as I unveil […]

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Building Dreams: A Journey of Silence, Triumphs, and Inner Healing

In the hustle and bustle of daily life, it’s easy to get caught up in the whirlwind of negativity. From the thoughts we think to the words we speak, our vibrational energy plays a significant role in shaping our experiences and outcomes. But amidst life’s inevitable challenges, how can we keep our energetic frequency at […]

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Harnessing Vibrational Energy: Tips for Maintaining Positivity Amidst Life’s Challenges

In life, it’s not uncommon to undergo numerous transformations, shifting from one path to another in search of fulfillment and purpose. Many of us find ourselves asking, “What is my calling? What am I meant to do?” If you’ve ever pondered these questions, you’re not alone. In fact, discovering one’s calling often involves a journey […]

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Awakening to Your Calling: Finding Purpose Amidst Change

In life, we often find ourselves tethered to the past—bound by limiting beliefs that tell us there’s never enough to go around. We inherit generational cycles of lack, unsure of when “enough” truly is. But what if we could break free from these chains? What if we could redefine our relationship with abundance and wealth? […]

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Embracing Abundance: Breaking Chains and Building Wealth Mindsets