The Year and a Half Pause There was a year and a half pause between when I thought my book was done and when I was actually done. My book has definitely been a God mission of the messages that I am meant to bring forward and share with you. I actually had to live […]

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Embracing Forgiveness and Building your Legacy

Introduction Greetings from Hurley Ranch in scenic southern Wisconsin! Today, I find myself nestled in a century-old barn, once a bustling dairy farm and now the heart of our own humble operation. As I reflect on my journey, I’m compelled to share insights into the mindset of a multi-passionate entrepreneur. Understanding the Multi-Passionate Entrepreneur What […]

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Unlocking the Mindset of a Multi-Passionate Entrepreneur

Introduction Today I am thrilled to share with you the story behind my upcoming book, “Building Dreams: Finding Personal and Financial Freedom Through Healing,” set to launch in 2024. As I sit here with my laptop, a notebook, and a pen, surrounded by the tranquillity of a snowy forest, I am doing the final read-through […]

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Why I Wrote My Book: Building Dreams, Finding Freedom, and Sharing Resilience

Welcome, dream builders! Today, I am sharing a deeply personal and raw experience with you as I stand in my office on the day I’m moving out. This space, once a home design studio where dreams were built and sold, is now transitioning into a new chapter. In this blog post, I’ll delve into the […]

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Embracing Change: A Personal Journey of Moving On