In life, we often find ourselves tethered to the past—bound by limiting beliefs that tell us there’s never enough to go around. We inherit generational cycles of lack, unsure of when “enough” truly is. But what if we could break free from these chains? What if we could redefine our relationship with abundance and wealth? […]

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Embracing Abundance: Breaking Chains and Building Wealth Mindsets

Tropical Vacay Booked. My heart was pitter pattering. I had all the guilt, the, “I’m not gonna do this” thoughts running through my head. I told my husband that I’ll just stay home and work on digging up and RE-doing the flower beds for Spring instead. I told him he was going to have to […]


Time to Celebrate

We celebrate 10 years of marriage this year. Two babies, several businesses, lots of great times, lots of hard times. Being the teacher that I am, I took the opportunity to reflect on our marriage by identifying and sharing 10 key lessons we’ve learned together.


10 Lessons in 10 Years of Marriage

Becky and Noah holding hands
Glacier National Park

Work. That’s what we do for fun. At least it used to be! Here’s why we need to step away every once in a while.


3 Reasons Why Vacationing is Important

Wow – 10 years already? It has been a full decade since we got started flipping houses, building custom homes, developing land and investing in real estate.


How We Got Started in Real Estate Investing

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